Ye to aise hi hota hai

Ye to aise hi hota hai

Ye to aise hi hota hai

Dear Friends,

We all generally use these statements like:

  • Ye to aise hi hota hai
  • Ye to aise hi chalta aa rha hai
  • Sab log aise hi karte hain
  • and so on.

We use such kind of statements to make excuses. After doing something wrong we give either of the above said statements to protect ourself for our self interest. To get rid of it we start blaming others/ our ancestors / our culture. Actually, we are in the habit of doing this.

Let me share my personal experience with you. Once, a friend of mine told me to invest in a membership scheme (chain system) but I denied to get involved in such scheme of making fool of others. He said you just invest and I will give your money back within 3 months. So, I invested only for his growth. After few months nothing worked and he failed to earn any profit. I talked to him and asked to return my money. He said my financial condition is not well and I will return once I am able to give.

Few years later, he got a job in Maruti and was doing well. One day I called him again and requested to return the due amount but he did not say anything clearly. And even he started not taking my calls. Finally, one day he picked up and said – “Business mein to jhuth bolna padta hai”. According to him it’s usual to lie in business.

This is not about any particular person. It is very usual among all of us. We don’t want to change ourselves and break this chain of giving excuses. Do you really think whatever has been happening till now, will be consistent forever? Ask yourself for once. I am sure the answer will be – ‘No’.

Absolutely, right. Nothing will remain unchanged forever. Everything is getting changed with passage of time. We all are changing with time and circumstances. If not agree, just check yourself and look at your past and compare it with your present. You will come to know your behavior, thinking and habits have changed in many aspects.

“The only thing that is constant is Change” ~ Heraclitus

If we are being changed gradually, then why we use above statements to do something wrong which may cause any sort of loss to others? If we again say – ‘Ye to aise hi hota hai’ then we don’t have full control on ourselves. We have given our remote control to others.

We all need to check if we really want to follow bad habits or activities of others. If the answer is – ‘No’ then we can still take our remote control back into our hands. We can go by our own choices and we don’t need to follow other’s false belief system. We have our own understanding and experience of life based on which we can create our own belief system.

Following our own understanding towards life is not that much difficult. What we need to do whenever we face such situation when our mind says ‘Sab aise hi karte hain’ then just take a review of your personal experience. And an inner voice will say – ‘No I have my own choice over this matter and I will not do what others do’.

I have seen so many realistic situations in a movie where people use the above statements and I like how the lead character denies to follow them and makes his belief system based on his personal experiences. He says that I will see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears and I will believe my own experiences. According to him something is right/true for one, may not be right/true for others.

I would like to share the movie name – Aankhon Dekhi (2013)

“Change starts with you but it doesn’t start until you do” ~ Tom Ziglar

We all are sick of using the above statements but we don’t change just because others don’t change. People say if we change ourselves and others don’t change then whats the use of getting changed. Ask yourself, whether you want to change for yourself or for others. Just change yourself only for you not for others. You just take care of yourself, rest will take care of themselves.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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  3. Aatif
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