Life is a matter of choice

Life is a matter of Choice

Life is a matter of Choice

Life is how we make it:

All of us are on the journey of life. We have to take decisions at every step of this journey. We have to make choices according to our goals, ambitions and circumstances.

Everything in life; success, failure, losses, gains and life’s issues are all the outcome of our own choices. I know there might be some people who will say, “It’s not my choice to be who I am today. Other people/situation/whatever forced me to”. I will say, “You had a choice on whether you would let outside world influence you or not, right”? It’s your choice to proceed this post, not mine, right?

We don’t consider the act of choosing while making decision. Very seldom we do pause and recognize that we are making a choice when face any situation. We get so wrapped in the situation that we forget to pause and think that we have the power to either make the right or the wrong choice. So, we often make rash choices that results into undesirable outcome.

How choices are formed:

The weight of our choices has the potential to influence the surroundings as well. In a family, the choices of the parents affect the lives of their children. The ability of the parents to help their children make better choices depends on who they are and the choices they have made in life. That’s why children from high income families are likely to get high grades and make smart choices in career. This also explains how the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer. Alnd, the rate of family disputes are higher among people from families with broken relationships, because they tend to make choices based on what they have seen and the patterns set before them.

How we can shape our choices:

Yeah, sometimes situation is not in your control but you have the choice how to view it. You have the the power how to act and react in a particular situation. Whatever the situation is, accept it and don’t blame the situation or other people.

You can set new patterns in life. Allow yourself to consider all possible options, think through the merits and demerits of each option, weigh the consequences and focus on the ultimate purpose. You are the only responsible person for your life. Be responsible for your decisions after all it’s your life.

“Life is not a matter of chance.. it is a matter of choice.” – KA

Bottom line: “The best way to explore your life is to explore yourself.” ~ Dinesh Saini

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